Automative Diesel Fuel Analysis

Chem-TechTM is one of the leading laboratories in India for Diesel Fuel Testing. Industries all over India rely on Chem-TechTM for its Fuel Quality Analysis Programs.

Analysis of the sample ensures the quality of fuel used in the Engine. Sulphur content in diesel fuel assures the quality of fuel against National and International regulations and specifications. The quality of diesel used is to be checked to prevent the engine failures and also to check if the diesel used in the engine is as per regulatory and OEM specifications.

Analysis of fuel sample provides in depth information about the quality of fuel.Diesel fuel analysis is vital to prevent potential problems such as:

  • Filter Chocking
  • Poor Injector performance
  • Smoking
  • High Emissions
  • Sticking Valves
  • High Fuel Consumption

Chem-TechTM Diesel Fuel testing facility conducts the various tests on fuel sample as per snternationally accepted ASTM & IS test standards.

Click to get list of tests conducted by the laboratory on Automotive Diesel Fuels:

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