Furnace Oil Analysis

Chem-TechTM analyses Fuel Oils for quality according to recognized industry standards such as IS, ISO and other specifications. The residual fuel oils are needed to be checked for possible contaminants and should have appropriate energy values to be used in burners, Boilers and Heavy Duty Engines.

Chem-TechTM fuel Quality monitoring programs monitors the fuels for possible contaminants like water, Used Lubes, Asphalt and other possible adulterants. Testing Furnace oil ensures conformance to regulatory specifications.

Chem-TechTM tests this residual fuel to National specifications to check the quality of fuels used in Burners, Boilersand Heavy Duty Engines etc.

Chem-TechTM Furnace Oil testing facility conducts various tests on furnace oil / fuel oil/ residual fuel samples as per internationally accepted ASTM& ISO Test Standard.

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