About Us

About Us

Chem-TechTM Laboratories is a leading provider of Testing, Consultancy & Certification services in the area of industrial products and consumables. For the past 19 years Chem-TechTM has served its customers with equal dedication irrespective of the size of work and company.

Chem-TechTM is a NABL Accredited Laboratory in the field of chemical testing. Chem-TechTM has a trained team of eminent resources available to deliver the services to the standards that the industry requires. Being committed to stringent quality measures, the processes and services at Chem-TechTM are strictly adhered to the globally accepted ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard.

Services at Chem-TechTM are fine-tuned to address specific needs and requirements the customers. Chem-TechTM is renowned not just for providing precise and repeatable test results but also for working closely with customers in carrying out a detailed analysis of their products and related issues. Time and again such consultancy advice from Chem-TechTM has helped the customers to arrive at actionable and effective solutions to their industrial problems and have averted significant losses many a times.


  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Power
  • Petroleum
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Transportation




Chem-TechTM was founded in the year 1994 to offer testing services to select customers around Pune. It was then instituted under the name of Chem-Tech Specialities, principally targeting Oils and Fuels. Over the last 19 years, the scope of offering as well as customer base have increased steadily. Despite the growth, the satisfaction of customers for Chem-TechTM services remains intact. Chem-TechTM has a notable 80% repeat customer base who have sought consultancy services in specialized areas like trend analysis of complex problems, import substitution, design, optimization etc.

Today, Chem-TechTM has evolved from a laboratory providing test results for samples submitted to a partner who our customers can collaborate with to analyse, actionise and solve complex industrial problems. Chem-TechTM tries to translate industrial and engineering problems related to materials into facts using our technical expertise. These facts/reports are key in the identification and exact solutions to the problems faced by the customers. In process, with our wealth of experience across industries, we at Chem-TechTM have always offered consultancy and investigation services to the customers to help them interpret test reports and apply them to solve their problems.

Key Executives

Mrs. Bhagyashri Bhagwat
Managing Director

Chem-TechTM is headed by its Founder Mrs. Bhagyashri Bhagwat. She has over 35 years of experience in the field of Testing of Petroleum Products, Polymers, Coolants, Biofuels and many more products. She started Chem-TechTM in the year 1994 with the intention of providing high quality testing services to the industries based all over India.

Mr. Vedang Bhagwat

Vedang Bhagwat is an ICML certified lubrication professional having wealth of experience and expertise in Oil Condition Monitoring & Oil analysis. He holds a masters degree in analytical chemistry and has vast experience in Testing of Lubricants, Fuels, Greases, Biofuels, Coolants & Polymers.

The Team

Chem-TechTM comprises of a specialized task-force of skilled and experienced resources, equipped to deliver the services as per the industry requirements. Chem-TechTM is renowned not just for providing precise and repeatable test results but also for customer empathy and satisfaction.

Attention to detail, meticulous implementation of quality standards and collaboration to deliver consistent and high quality results are some of the key attributes of all personnel who work with Chem-TechTM.With expertise and exposure to multiple domains and industries personnel at Chem-TechTM are best equipped to provide definitive value addition to all its customers.


Mission, Vision and Values


  • To make an impact and to help customers to improve upon their products & services.
  • To provide world class testing & analysis services
  • To be a partner of choice for single manned companies to multinational conglomerates


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Teamwork


  • To be one of the premier and highly sophisticated companies in India providing Testing, Consulting and Certification services.
  • To be a one stop testing & consultancy company for all Industries & Sectors.