Hydraulic Oil Analysis

Chem-TechTM is a leading testing laboratory providing Hydraulic Oil analysis services. Contaminated Hydraulic Oil is the root cause for more than 70% of the failures of the Hydraulic systems. To attain optimum performance and in order to extend the life and productivity of hydraulic systems, regular oil sampling and analysis is recommended to check the health of the hydraulic oil & equipment.

Minor Contamination in Hydraulic System may lead to major problems, as oil cleanliness is one of the most important factors for hydraulic equipments and machines. Contamination of oil may lead to failure of machines & result in costly downtime.

Chem-TechTM Oil Analysis programs assists customer in:

  • Extending Oil change period
  • Improve Equipment Life
  • Reduce Downtime & Maintenance Costs
  • Contamination Control
  • Identity potential Problems
  • Reduce Warranty Risk
  • Prevent unnecessary oil change

Hydraulic Oil Analysis Programs at Chem-TechTM are designed to monitor following trends in properties of Oils used:

  • Moisture Contamination
  • Oxidation or Thermal Degradation of Oil
  • Particle Contamination
  • Wearing Pattern & Trend

Apart from Used oil analysis Chem-TechTM Laboratories capability includes Specification Testing of Hydraulic oil as well. Chem-TechTM carries out testing of hydraulic oil as per internationally accepted ASTM, ISO & IS Test Standards.

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