Fuel Analysis Services

Chem-TechTM is a pioneer in providing Fuel analysis services. Chem-TechTM Laboratories offers end to end Fuel analysis solutions which includes the entire range of Solid Fuels, Refined Fuels, Residual Fuels, Mineral Fuels and Biofuels.

Testing of fuel is necessary to monitor the quality of fuel used. Using improper fuels leads to excessive consumption of fuels, increase in exhaust gas emission, increase in fuel cost & other related issues. New regulations being ruled out by the regulatory bodies it is important to use fuel of the required specifications.

Chem-TechTM has a full complement of fuel testing resources available to ensure in-depth testing and analysis of Fuels.

Fuels are tested by Chem-TechTM considering the following aspects:

  • Determination Quality of Fuel
  • Determination of adulteration of fuel
  • Detection of possible contamination
  • Determination of Fuel Stability
  • Microbial Testing of Fuel

Chem-TechTM analyses the Fuels to the latest national and international regulatory specifications.

Fuel Testing Facility at Chem-TechTM Laboratories includes: