Chem-Tech® Reliability Services are designed to function along with our condition monitoring services across industries and domains. Chem-Tech® is also capable of addressing reliability challenges across all levels and departments within a company under the monitoring program.

Reliability Services provide a holistic approach to your reliability efforts by reviewing your entire condition program and creating a benchmark to aspire towards. The use of condition monitoring techniques allows preventive actions to be taken to avoid the consequences of a full failure, thus resulting in costs being saved & higher levels of efficiency being achieved.

Chem-Tech® offers failure analysis services across a wide range of products & materials:

Condition Monitoring through Oil Analysis is good practice undertaken by various industries to monitor their machines and equipment.

In order to reduce machinery maintenance and downtime cost, Chem-Tech® assists its customers in designing oil condition monitoring programs to test the oil used in their machines at regular intervals. Oil Condition Monitoring helps customers understand exactly what is happening inside their machines and provides vital information about the condition of the oil used.

Oil Condition Monitoring helps analyze Wear metals, contamination, additive content depletion, soot formation, increase in acid value of oil (TAN), decrease in base value (TBN),foaming related problems, Oil mix-up etc.

The Oil Condition Monitoring programs includes:
  • Engine Oil Analysis
  • Gear Oil Analysis
  • Transmission Oil Analysis
  • Compressor Oil Analysis
  • Turbine Oil Analysis
  • Transformer Oil Analysis

Predictive maintenance techniques help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. This approach offers cost savings over routine or time-based maintenance because tasks are performed only when required.

Chem-Tech® provides predictive maintenance solutions through Oil analysis, to monitor the condition of the machinery and suggest any maintenance if required. Once a Wear pattern/condition, has been detected, it can be investigated further to determine where it is coming from, the probable cause of the failure, how severe and threatening it is, and the corrective action. This is where oil analysis and other predictive technologies can be very valuable.

Maintenance Solutions provided by Chem-Tech® can assist customers in:
  • Extending oil change intervals
  • Avoiding unnecessary oil change
  • Monitoring machine wear & tear
  • Preventing machine failure
The Advantages of Predictive Maintenance are:
  • Saves on Labour Costs
  • Saves on Lubrication Costs
  • Saves unnecessary replacement costs
Polymer Failure Analysis Services provided by Chem-Tech® include:
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Chemical Failure
  • Analysis of Residues
  • Analysis of Degradation Products