Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS) is a residual fuel processed from crude oil. This fuel is used mainly in applications similar to furnace oils.The difference between LSHS and Furnace oil is Higher Pour Point, High calorific Value and Low Sulphur Content. As this fuel has higher pour point than that of FO it requires special handling arrangements. LSHS is handled hot at all stages and is always maintained above 70OC.

Chem-Tech® fuel Quality monitoring programs monitors the fuels for possible contaminants like water, Used Lubes, Asphalt and other possible adulterants. Testing Furnace oil ensures conformance to regulatory specifications.

Chem-Tech® tests this residual fuel to National specifications to check the quality of fuels used in Burners, Boilers and Heavy Duty Engines etc.

Chem-Tech® LSHS Fuel Testing Facility conducts the following tests as per internationally accepted ASTM & ISO Test Standards.

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