Chem-Tech® Laboratories is a pioneer in providing Engine Oil analysis services. For the past 19 years Chem-Tech® has been providing Engine oil analysis services to leading multinational companies for their oil condition monitoring & predictive maintenance programs.

Utilizing various sophisticated instruments and test methods, Chem-Tech® Laboratories carry out testing of engine oil, looking for the minute sign of information or problems which may lead to machine maintenance or downtime due to failure.

Benefits of Chem-Tech® Engine Oil Analysis Programs:

  • Extending Oil change period
  • Improve Equipment Life
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Identity potential Problems
  • Reduce Warranty Risk

Chem-Tech® Engine Oil Analysis programs monitor parameters that are harmful to your engine & may lead to failure and malfunctioning, these mainly include:

  • Wear Pattern & Trend
  • Soot Contamination
  • Degradation of Engine Oil
  • Fuel & Coolant Dilution
  • Oxidative or Thermal Degradation of Oil

Chem-Tech® Offers Engine Oil Analysis in two main packages:

Basic package includes preliminary Analysis of Engine Oils - Total Base Number, Change in Viscosity, Water Content & Soot. Advanced testing monitors Wear Metal analysis, Determination of Contaminants, Determination of Depletion of Additives, Ferrography.

Apart from Used oil analysis Chem-Tech® Laboratories capability includes Specification Testing of Engine oil aswell. Chem-Tech® carries out testing of Engine oil as per internationally accepted ASTM,ISO & IS Test Standards.

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