Quenching oils are mainly used in the Steel Industry to facilitate hardening of metal by controlling heat transfer during quenching. It also enhances wetting of the metal during quenching to minimize the formation of undesirable thermal and transformational gradients which may lead to increased distortion and cracking.

Quenching oil is required to be monitored regularly to monitor degradation. Oil degradation of Quenching fluids is often accompanied by sedimentation and sludge formation. This sludge / varnish restrict the proper hardening of metal component & lead to defects on the metal surface.

Chem-Tech™ carries out monitoring of Quenching Oils for the following properties:
  • Flash Point
  • Acidity
  • Water Contamination
  • Oil Degradation

Chem-Tech™ carries out testing of Compressor oil as per internationally accepted ASTM, ISO & IS Test Standards.

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