Chem-Tech® Laboratories is a leading provider for Transformer Oil analysis Services. Transformer oil is required to be checked for monitoring their insulating properties.

Testing of transformer oils is very essential, as Transformer oils are subjected to electrical and mechanical stresses while the equipment is in operation. Due to these stresses, contamination may take place as a result of chemical interactions with windings and other solid insulations used. Transformer oil testing is carried out to determine these contaminants and analyse the amount of chemical degradation of Oil.

Transformer oil degradation occurs mainly due to water ingress & liberation of gases due degradation of insulation materials. Monitoring Water levels and Dissolved Gas analysis of Transformer oil forms the basis of predictive maintenance of Transformers.

Predictive maintenance of Transformers helps in:
  • Determining condition and further usability of oil
  • Trending & Monitoring the rate of fault development
  • Determining faults like corona, pyrolysis, arcing etc.
  • Determining degradation of Insulation materials
  • Increasing Oil Drain intervals resulting in cost saving

Chem-Tech® carries out testing of Compressor oil as per internationally accepted ASTM, ISO & IS Test Standards.

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