Chem-Tech® is a leading provider for Turbine Oil analysis Services. Turbines have very critical and extensive lubrication requirements. To satisfy these critical & stringent requirements of the equipment, turbine oil analysis forms a major breakthrough in determining the performance of the machine and possible maintenance required for the equipment. Oil analysis also helps in extending the oil change period & predictive maintenance of turbines, thus saving huge cost in downtime or lubrication cost.

Turbine Oil degradation occurs mainly due to water or steam ingress in case of steam turbines. Monitoring Water levels and oxidation of the oil forms the basis of predictive maintenance of Turbines. Varnish formation also is a major concern. With Chem-Tech® Turbine Oil analysis Programs helps customers overcome such problems & improve machine performance & health.

Predictive maintenance of Turbines helps in:
  • Monitoring the wear of the Equipment
  • Extension of oil change period
  • Reduce costly downtime due to failure
  • Unnecessary oil change cost
  • Increase efficiency & reliability of the equipment
  • Contamination Control
Our Turbine Oil Monitoring Programs are designed to monitor following trends in properties of Turbines Oils used:
  • Particle Contamination
  • Wearing Pattern & Trend
  • Moisture Contamination
  • Emulsion & Air Entrainment Properties of Oil
  • Oxidative or Thermal Degradation of Oil
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Varnish Formation

Chem-Tech® provides comprehensive turbine oil monitoring programs to check the health of the Turbines and prevent failures and determine type and source of contaminants.

Chem-Tech® carries out testing of Turbine oil as per internationally accepted ASTM, ISO & IS Test Standards.

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