Cooling systems are one of the main constituents of an engine. Their primary function is to protect engines against corrosion, pitting, erosion, and overheating. Thus, the condition and nature of the coolant is of great importance to an engine and can help prevent major problems such as engine failure. Monitoring the physio-chemical properties of a coolant is essential to keep a check on its condition.

Conducting a routine Coolant System Analysis will help:
  • Monitor the condition of the coolant under severe operating environments
  • Check coolant loss
  • Monitor the quality of water added
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance

The Chem-Tech® Coolant Testing Programs provides access to the latest technology and methods in coolant testing. This helps companies attain maximum efficiency and minimize their machine breakdowns.

Chem-Tech® has the capability to analyse and test:
  • Glycol Base Engine Coolants (Antifreeze Coolant) and
  • Water Based Engine Coolant

Chem-Tech® conducts Coolant tests in accordance to the internationally accepted ASTM, IS & JIS Specifications.

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