Chem-Tech® Laboratories is a leader in providing Oil Testing & Oil Analysis Services. Our Oil Testing & Oil Condition Monitoring Programs assist customers in analyzing their machine performance & improving its life and durability.

Through Oil Analysis one can virtually look inside a machine and analyse its proper functioning and performance. Chem-Tech® provides Oil Analysis Services backed by technical support & assistance to keep customers up to date with their Maintenance Schedules and Oil Condition Monitoring Programs.

The Chem-Tech® Oil Analysis Programs result in a sizeable amount of saving in maintenance & downtime cost by assisting in:
  • Extending oil drain intervals
  • Identifying equipment problems
  • Improving Reliability & Performance
  • Raising Alarms about wear & tear of equipment
Some of the services we include in our testing & consultancy of oils & lubricants are:
  • Training of staff and executives for proper implementation of the oil analysis program
  • Oil condition Monitoring
  • Machine Condition Analysis
  • Improving lubrication practices within the plant
  • Trend Analysis
  • Proactive & Predictive Maintenance Solutions
  • Interpretation of Oil Analysis Data by Certified Lubrication Professionals

Chem-Tech® provides Machine & Oil Condition Monitoring services that cater Heavy Machinery, Automotive, Marine, Power Generation, Mining, Manufacturing and other allied industries.

The Chem-Tech® Oil Analysis Program includes: