Chem-Tech® provides training services related to Lubrication and Oil Analysis in order to enable customers to achieve the maximum benefits from Chem-Tech’sTM Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions. Training is necessary to bridge the gap between the laboratory analysis results and field related problems/issues. Training also helps customer understand and read the oil analysis report properly and in the right way.

Training Offered by Chem-Tech® includes:
  • The basics of Oil Analysis
  • The basics of Machinery Lubrication &
  • Interpretation of Oil Analysis Data
Some Benefits of the training offered by Chem-Tech® include:
  • Understanding the basics of lubrication and oil analysis
  • Determining sampling frequency
  • Improved lubricant handling & storage
  • More Improve effective ways of sampling and analysis
  • Improved lubrication practices within the plant
  • Reduced lubricant contamination
  • Increased reliability of Equipments by implementing effective maintenance strategies
  • Interpreting oil analysis data properly and take corrective actions accordingly
  • Improved knowledge of lubrication amongst your technicians down the line

Chem-Tech® offers Public as well as Private training programs. Custom training courses can also be conducted with respect to the customer’s specific industry & applications of Customers.