Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Testing

GCMS Testing

GCMS testing techniques measure components in compounds to low ppm and trace levels

Chem-Tech  Laboratories provide an extensive range of gas chromatography mass spectroscopy analytical instrumentation and expertise for client testing and research projects.

Expert and experienced staff coupled with a wide variety of techniques are essential for industry demands regarding research and testing, and the necessity to achieve regulatory compliance pertaining to Phthalates, PBB, PBDE, VOC, PCB, PAH etc.

GCMS Testing Laboratory

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) has long been used in industry to identify and quantify unknown components in compounds down to ultra-trace levels. GCMS is ideal for impurity analysis and as a QC method. GCMS provides trace-level molecular characterization of many sample types and is a powerful analytical tool for trace and ultra-trace analysis, unknowns identification, and other applications.


The primary goal of GCMS Testing is to quantify an amount of substance. This is done by comparing the relative concentrations among the atomic masses in the generated spectrum. Two kinds of analysis are possible, comparative and original. Comparative analysis essentially compares the given spectrum to a spectrum library to see if its characteristics are present for some sample in the library. This is best performed by a computer because there are a myriad of visual distortions that can take place due to variations in scale. Computers can also simultaneously correlate more data (such as the retention times identified by GC), to more accurately relate certain data. Deep learning was shown to lead to promising results in the identification of VOCs from raw GC-MS data.

Our laboratory is staffed with experienced GCMS chemists who analyze a diverse variety of samples and sample matrices. GCMS provides molecular characterization of many sample types and is a powerful analytical tool for trace analysis, unknowns identification, and other applications.

Parameters Analysed

  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Testing – PAH
  • Polybrominated Biphenyl Analysis – PBB
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Analysis – PBDE
  • Volatile Organic Carbon Analysis – VOC’s
  • Polychlorinate Biphenyl  Analysis – PCB’s
  • Phthalate Analysis
  • Unknown Contamination Analysis
  • Material Characterisation

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