Bunker Fuel Testing

Chem-Tech® Laboratories is a leading provider of marine bunker fuel testing services according to ISO 8217 specifications. Experts at Chem-Tech test the quality of fuel used in the ships, barges, containers & vessels. Testing the quality of fuel is necessary to monitor the quality of fuel as per regulatory specifications.

All oil companies, suppliers or users, are aware how variable quality can be and the extreme effects low quality of fuel can create for people involved in the shipping industry. Fuel being one of the major cost center for marine industry, using fuel of the highest quality & specified grade is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the fleet and ship. Proper quality of fuel ensures conformance of the fleet to strict emission and environmental regulations.

Chem-Tech® understands the need for fuel testing & provides fuel quality monitoring programs for its customers to help them maintain the quality of fuels used in their ships and vessels.

Benefit of Bunker Fuel Testing

  • Identify Poor Injector performance
  • Indentify Smoking Problems
  • Monitor Emissions
  • Identify Fuel pump issues and failures
  • Monitor cause of High Fuel Consumption

Chem-Tech® Marine Fuel testing facility conducts various tests on marine fuel samples as per internationally accepted ASTM & ISO Test Standard.

Bunker Fuel Testing Process

  • Supply of bunker fuel sampling kits
  • Collection of a representative fuel samples
  • Transportation of the sample to the laboratory
  • Laboratory testing of sample
  • Technical advise on the reports

Bunker Fuel Testing Packages


Residual Fuel Package

Testing as per ISO 8217

Distillate Fuel Package

Testing as per ISO 8217
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