Grease Testing

Chem-Tech® offer wide range of grease testing services, mainly in the Industrial, Automotive, Mining, Marine and Aviation sector.  Grease Testing is a valuable tool for determining the condition of the lubricant and discovering abnormal conditions in equipment that may otherwise lead to unexpected failures.

Our customized grease testing programs are designed to identify the specific failure modes that may be damaging the component.  Each test report comes with comments and recommendations unique to the component which helps customers identify problems and improve reliability.

Chem-Tech® conducts the following tests on grease samples (as per ASTM and IS procedures):

  • Drop Point (Dropping Point)
  •  NLGI Grade
  •  Evaporation Loss
  •  Elemental Analysis
  •  Moisture Content
  •  Cone Penetration
  •  Copper Corrosion
  •  Anti-Wear Properties
  •  PQ Index
  • Four Ball Wear Scar
  • Four Ball Weld Load
  • Water Resistance Test
  • Wheel Bearing Leakage Tendency
  • Water Washout Test

Benefits of Grease Testing

  • To Check the condition of the grease
  • To Determine the regreasing amount
  • To Monitor contaminants

Used Grease Testing Packages


Basic Package

Elemental Analysis
PQ Index
Water Content

Advanced Package

Testing as per OEM Guidelines
Elemental Analysis
PQ Index
Water Content
FTIR Analysis
Drop Point
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