Water Analysis Services

Chem-Tech Water Testing services includes Drinking Water Analysis, Water Water Analysis, Cooling Tower Water Analysis,  Borewell Water Analysis, SwimmingPool Water Analysis, Tank Water Analysis. Chem-Tech Laboratories tests water for full quality specifications and contaminations following industry standards such as APHA. ASTM, ISO, and IP test method protocols.

Our water testing laboratories will assess your individual needs and find analytical solutions quickly and efficiently. Testing of the water samples is conducted by experienced chemists and analysis with decades of experience in water analysis. After the analysis experts review the test data and provide interpretation on specific issues with the water samples. Our prompt service and extensive customer support has helped customers in achieving definitive ROI on the water quality monitoring programs.

Benefits of Water Quality Testing

  • Provides clean water and protects human health
  • Ensure water quality used in equipments
  • Understand the quality of water to determine type of purification required.

Our Testing Services Include :

Drinking Water

Drinking water testing as per IS 10500

Waste Water

Waste Water Testing from ETP and other sources.

Chiller Water

Chiller Water Testing from commercial HVAC Systems.

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