Chem-Tech® Laboratories is a leading provider of Compressor Oil analysis Services. Compressors are always engineered to perfection and are used in various critical applications. Through Compressor Oil Analysis one can actually look inside a compressor and predict the functioning of compressor. Mainly compressor oils are to be monitored for Wear metals & Contaminants, Water Contamination and Acid Increase. These contaminants may lead to malfunctioning of the compressor, which may result in costly maintenance or failure.

Chem-Tech® provides comprehensive Compressor oil monitoring programs to check the health of the equipment. Water, Particulate contamination and oxidative gases trapped inside the lubricant are one of the few common contaminants in a compressor oil.

Chem-Tech® Predictive maintenance & condition monitoring of compressors through oil analysis is very effective way to:

  •  Extending Oil change period
  •  Preventing cost incurred by unnecessary oil change
  •  Predicting wearing of the components inside a compressor
  •  Improve equipment Life
  •  Reduce Downtime cost
  •  Contamination Control

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