Stored Fuel

Bulk fuel stored for long periods of time can suffer from fuel storage degradation and contamination, resulting in serious fuel instability problems when eventually used in large back-up generators, mining equipment, trains, and trucks.

Fuels stored for extended periods of time can suffer from polymerization, oxidation, emulsions, and bacterial and fungus infestations. These problems can form residues and gums. Ageing fuel residues and gums can cause serious problems with engines and fuel systems. Chem-Tech laboratories provide fuel quality analysis programs, which identify ageing fuel degradation issues before those fuels are used. Fuel analysis helps clients identify potential problems and treat problematic fuels with additives to prevent or reduce further fuel deterioration.

Products Tested

Fuels tested:

Petroleum Refined Fuels

  • Gasoline Testing
  • Diesel Fuel Testing
  • Bunker Fuel Testin


Biofuel Analysis

  • Biodiesel
  • Fuel Grade Ethanol


Coal and Pet-Coke

  • Biomass Fuel
  • Wood Pellet Testing
Diesel Engines

Lubricants & Fluids Testing

Fuel Testing

Engine Coolant

Chemicals & Material Testing


Water Testing


Compliance Testing



Diesel Fuel




Construction Machinery



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