Microbiological Testing

The information gathered can help confirm the cause of health concerns or rule out any potential concerns which are a critical tools in helping healthcare providers understand.

Microbiological Testing

Microbial contamination poses a significant risk to the food industry, potentially leading to foodborne illnesses and jeopardizing consumer health. At Chem-Tech Laboratories, we understand the critical importance of microbiological testing in identifying and quantifying harmful bacteria, yeasts, molds, and other microorganisms present in food and food products. Our comprehensive microbial testing services serve as a vital defense against contamination, ensuring regulatory compliance and safeguarding your brand reputation.

Our Microbiological Testing Services:

At Chem-Tech Laboratories, we offer a comprehensive range of microbial testing services tailored to meet your specific needs:
  • Pathogen Detection:

    We employ advanced techniques to detect and identify pathogenic microorganisms, including Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Campylobacter, and more. Our accurate analysis helps mitigate the risk of foodborne illnesses associated with these pathogens.

  • Spoilage Organism Testing:

    We assess the presence of yeasts, molds, and other spoilage-causing microorganisms, which can affect the shelf life and quality of food products. By identifying these contaminants, we help you maintain product freshness and minimize product losses.

  • Hygiene Monitoring:

    Our microbial testing includes hygiene checks, ensuring the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of your food production facilities. We perform environmental swabbing, air quality monitoring, and surface testing to detect any potential sources of contamination.

  • Compliance with Food Safety Standards:

    We help you meet regulatory requirements by conducting microbial testing in accordance with local and international food safety standards, including FSSAI, HACCP, FDA, EU regulations, and more. Our testing ensures your products adhere to microbiological safety limits and guidelines.

  • Customized Testing Protocols:

    We understand that different food products have unique microbial risks. Our expert team works closely with you to develop customized testing protocols that address your specific concerns, ensuring thorough analysis and accurate results.

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