Petroleum & Lubricants
Ensure your product compliance and quality
Product Compliance
Ensure your product compliance and quality
Food, Food Products & Water
Ensure your product compliance and quality
Petroleum & Lubricants
Ensure your product compliance and quality
Product Compliance
Ensure your product compliance and quality
Food, Food Products & Water
Ensure your product compliance and quality


Chem-Tech Laboratories is a trusted name in providing industry-leading testing services & solutions. Our comprehensive testing solutions cater to diverse industries, ensuring quality, compliance, and peace of mind.


At our company, we offer a range of consulting and failure analysis services that provide valuable assistance to our customers. Our dedicated team ensures that our consulting services are finely tuned to meet your unique expectations and needs.


Chem-Tech Laboratories, a trusted name in the industry, offers on-site and classroom training sessions to keep customers up-to-date with the latest testing methodologies and techniques.
Chem-Tech Laboratories stands as the trusted partner for you, whether you're a corporate stakeholder or an individual making impactful decisions. Explore Our Services to uncover the quality of our services that sets us apart.
Strict Quality Practices
New Advanced Instruments
Customized Lab Solutions

Accuracy & Quality Assured

Chem-Tech Laboratories proudly presents an unparalleled experience of product quality and reliability. Our ISO 17025 & BIS-certified testing laboratory is a symbol of excellence, delivering accurate data that fuels confident decision-making. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and driven by our unwavering commitment to precision, we offer comprehensive testing and analysis programs that exceed expectations. Our team of experts utilizes advanced methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure utmost accuracy in every testing process.
Fast Turn Around Time
Dedicated Customer Support
Paperless Laboratory Operations
Unique Door-to-Door Service Model
GLP Adoption
Quality with Confidence – Practices , policies and procedures at Chem-Tech are fine tuned to provide services of highest quality every step of the process.

Providing High-Quality Testing & Product Certification Services

We are the leaders in Petroleum & Lubricant testing services. With exceptional testing facilities we deliver high-quality services to global customers.
Oil Condition Monitoring
Lubricant Testing
Fuel Quality Testing
Grease Testing
Adblue Testing
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Product compliance is critical to national and international regulatory compliance requirements. We offer end to end compliance testing solutions for various industries.
RoHS Certification
ELV Certification
Heavy Metals Analysis
Organic Pollutant Analysis
Banned Substances Analysis
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We offer an extensive range of food & food product testing services which covers all aspects of food and food product safety. Our suite of tests ensures the product meets the highest standards of qual
Nutritional Analysis
Microbiological Testing
Shelf Life Analysis
Adulteration Analysis
Heavy Metals & Pesticide Analysis
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We offer comprehensive water and waste water analysis services. With focus on health and hygiene our water testing services are fine-tuned to deliver highly accurate and reliable analysis data.
Drinking Water Analysis
Food Processing Water Analysis
Waste Water Analysis
Swimming Pool Water Analysis
Cooling Tower Water Analysis
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Our specialized Hygiene Audits are meticulously crafted to assess, enhance, and uphold extremely high hygiene standards within your operations, aligning seamlessly with regulatory guidelines.
Cloud Kitchen Hygiene Audits
Restaurant Audits
Food Manufacturing Hygiene Audits
Workplace Hygiene Audits
Canteen Audits
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Our Story

Why Chem-Tech

25+ Years Of Experience
At Chem-Tech® Laboratories, we're more than a testing service; we're your committed partner in ensuring quality, safety, and excellence.

25+ Years of Excellence
With over 25+ years of industry leadership, trust in our experience for accurate testing and certification.
Tailored to Your Needs
From industrial products to food safety, our customized solutions fit your unique needs.
Quality Assurance
Quality is our foundation; we exceed industry standards for consistent quality.

Choose Chem-Tech® for expertise, efficiency, and quality commitment. Read More…

Years Of Experience
Satisfied Customers
1% +
Repeat Customers
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Helping You Achieve Product Quality


At Chem-Tech Laboratories, our unwavering commitment to excellence and precision sets us apart as a leading testing laboratory in the field of testing & certification services. Our corporate ethos reflects in our distinct differentiators, which serve as the cornerstones of our operations.

These differentiators represent our unwavering dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation, and they underpin every project we undertake. With Chem-Tech Laboratories, you're choosing a partner deeply rooted in the values of precision, integrity, and client-centricity.


Recognised Technical Expertise.
Paperless Laboratory Operations.
Automated Instruments.


NABL Accreditation ( ISO 17025 )
Globally Accepted Test Methods.
Continual Quality Improvement.


Tailored solutions offered.
Dedicated support team.
Prioritizing customer needs.


Good Laboratory Practices.
Reliable & Dependable Results.
End to End Traceability.


Swift data delivery.
On-time reports.
Efficient sample processing.


Sustainable lab practices.
Commitment to eco-friendly operations.
Contributing to a greener future.
How to Get Started

The Process

Chem-Tech Laboratories offers a seamless door-to-door service model. We handle sampling, logistics, analysis, and interpretation, ensuring a hassle-free testing journey. Partner with us for end-to-end service excellence.
PAN India Operations
24 to 72 Hours TAT
Online Ordering & Tracking
24 X 7 Data & Reports Access


Schedule a consultation with our experts. We'll discuss and recommend the right testing solutions.

Sample Collection

Request sample collection at your convenience. Our efficient customer support team will ensure timely collection.

Sample Receipt

Upon receiving your samples, we meticulously record and prepare them for analysis.


Trust our state-of-the-art laboratories for precise and reliable analysis.

Results Delivery

Once the analysis is complete, you may view your reports in our Customer Portal


If required, we offer interpretation services to help you understand and act on the results effectively.

Data & Process Driven Operations

Efficiency, precision and accountability define our data & process-driven laboratory operations. Powered by technology, we ensure seamless workflows, precise results and meticulous traceability of samples & results.

Where We Can Provide Help!


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