Oil Condition Monitoring

The information gathered can help confirm the cause of health concerns or rule out any potential concerns which are a critical tools in helping healthcare providers understand.

Oil Condition Monitoring Program

Chem-Tech Laboratories Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) programmes help clients avoid costly machinery downtime, equipment failures, loss of equipments by tracking changes in equipment lubricant quality.

The key to the health of the equipment lies to the effective predictive maintenance programmes that are in place, which ultimately will help increase reliability and reduce cost of ownership. As part of such routine programmes the monitoring of the vessels lubricants will assist Operators and Maintenance workers in making timely decisions relating to the servicing of equipment, maximising the lifespan of engine parts & machinery through Oil testing, grease testing programmes

Benefits of Oil Condition Monitoring

OCM Testing Services for a wide variety of industries

Key Features of Chem-Tech OCM Testing Services


Start your Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) Programme

Our testing combines the expertise of the diagnostic engineers with the latest techniques for analyzing lubricating oils, grease & metalworking fluids. Both the physical and chemical characteristics of the lubricants and fluids are checked, identifying information on the wear of metals and the physical properties of the oil itself.

We are able to carry out sampling for you, or can provide inexpensive easy-to-use kits. Samples can then be shipped to our laboratories, with routine turnaround within 48 hours of receipt of the sample. Turnaround time can be reduced for urgent samples.

Our team of experts can provide state of the art tribology analysis to better understand the causes of component failure. Additionally, all our experts can train your staff on how to use the OCM Testing Programs