Fuel Quality Testing

The information gathered can help confirm the cause of health concerns or rule out any potential concerns which are a critical tools in helping healthcare providers understand.

Fuel Analysis Services

Chem-Tech fuel is the best fuel testing laboratory in India. Our testing services include Diesel Testing, Marine Testing, Biodiesel Testing, Ethanol Testing, Gasoline Testing, Coal Testing, Briquette Testing etc.

Chem-Tech Laboratories tests a wide range of fuels for full quality specifications, following industry standards such as ASTM, ISO, and IP test method protocols.

Our fuel analysis laboratories will assess your individual needs and find analytical solutions quickly and efficiently. Testing of the fuels is conducted by experienced chemists and analysis with decades of experience in fuel testing and analysis. After the analysis experts review the test data and provide interpretation on specific issues with the fuel. Our prompt service and extensive customer support has helped customers in achieving definitive ROI on the fuel quality monitoring programs.
The key to the health of the equipment lies to the effective predictive maintenance programmes that are in place, which ultimately will help increase reliability and reduce cost of ownership. As part of such routine programmes the monitoring of the vessels lubricants will assist Operators and Maintenance workers in making timely decisions relating to the servicing of equipment, maximising the lifespan of engine parts & machinery through Oil testing, grease testing programmes

Fuel analysis programs can assist customers in :

Capability of testing Diesel fuel as per ASTM D975, IS 1460, MIL & EN specifications.

Capability of  Testing as per IS 15607, EN 14214, ASTM D6751 & ASTM D7467 specs.

Capability for testing marine bunker fuel as per ISO 8217 Specifications

Capability for testing of Light Diesel Oil (LDO) as per IS specifications.

Capability for Furnace Oil Testing as per IS 1593 specifications.

Capability for testing of gasoline as per IS 2796, EN & ASTM specifications

Capability of Testing Aviation Turbine Fuel as per IS 1571 , DEFSTAN 91-90 specifications

Testing capability for Proximate and Ultimate analysis of coal used in powerplants

Capability for testing of Briquette and Biomass samples as a fuel in boilers as an alternative fuel.