Heavy Metals Analysis

The information gathered can help confirm the cause of health concerns or rule out any potential concerns which are a critical tools in helping healthcare providers understand.
Heavy Metal Analysis
Trace metal analysis allows detection and identification of low levels of metals in a sample which can be critical to product development, quality control and regulatory compliance. Determining trace levels of metals in samples can also help identify contaminants and provides important data to help both process improvement and chemical product formulation development.

In a range of products, such as, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices and consumer products, it is important to understand which trace metals are present and the levels at which they are present in the sample. This is critical as trace metals can impact a product’s toxicity and also affect how the substance interacts with other chemicals.

Working at trace levels, the quality, performance and sensitivity of the analytical instrument is critical. Typically, trace level analysis requires experienced staff to operate highly selective technology using accurate and reliable methods.

Chem-Tech® Laboratories provides responsive trace metals analysis services, available to parts per million (ppm) & parts per billion (ppb) detection levels.

Heavy Metal Analysis by ICP include

Products Tested for Heavy Metal Analysis


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