4 Key Benefits of Proper Lubricant Monitoring and Analysis

Lubricants are a crucial substance in any mechanical rotating machinery. They reduce the friction between two surfaces and allow the parts to rotate or move smoothly, reduce the heat and vibration, increase the machine’s efficiency, and extend its life. Without lubricants, the machine can eventually wear out and stop functioning. This is true for all machines. Hence, an effective program for lubricant monitoring and analysis is important. It ensures that the machine lubricants reinforce smooth functioning and act as a health check for lubricants used in a machine, giving timely information about any wear and tear.

Proper lubricant condition monitoring programs have defined guidelines for the best lubrication practices. It helps the teams use the most suitable lubricant for the machinery, indicates the quantity and quality of lubrication, and gives an alarm about the potential risk of contamination, lubricant degradation, and more. At Chem-Tech Laboratories, the best lube oil testing laboratory in India, we aim to help maintenance teams make the right decisions for their machinery health by knowing the detailed analysis and properties of lube oils used in those types of machinery. Our lubricant monitoring and analysis programs aim to determine the accurate use of lube oil, detect problems, and root causes and diagnose its source, and probable solution. Here’s how lubrication monitoring helps industries avoid unexpected downtimes.

4 Key Benefits of Proper Lubricant Monitoring and Analysis

Protects premature wear out of machine parts

A machine that is not maintained can cause premature wear. Although machinery wear is inevitable, it should be planned to avoid costly repairs and downtime due to inorganic factors. With the help of proper lubricants, the maintenance team can manage the friction levels at minimum levels and hence, avoid inorganic machinery wear for years.

Helps to detect harmful contaminants in a lubricant

Lubricant contamination is a serious issue that can lead to machinery failure. It can happen due to using contaminated base oil, contamination from dust particles, water, improper storage or handling, use of incorrect additives, and more. With timely lubricant monitoring and analysis, the maintenance team can act before the contamination starts harming the machinery.

Determines degradation level & remaining life of lubricants

As with any other product, lubricants will eventually deteriorate over time due to various factors such as heat, oxidation, or contamination from dirt or water. It will cause them to change their chemical composition, leading to reduced performance levels. Although additives can enhance lubricant life, degradation is inevitable. Based on the severity and degradation level of the lubricant, the right decision can be taken by the maintenance team to schedule lube oil changes on time or extend the oil change intervals.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Companies can reduce maintenance costs by scheduling regular Lube Oil Testing from laboratories like Chem-Tech. It is a viable option for companies that have multiple machines and don’t want to face unwanted downtimes. Timely lube oil management also saves from costly repairs in machinery and loss of production.

Why Choose Chem-Tech For Lubricant Monitoring and Analysis?

As the leading Chemical Testing Laboratory in India, Chem-Tech Laboratories has been conducting Lube Oil Analysis for various industries for more than 25 years. We have been supporting our clients from multiple industries such as automotive, chemical, marine, construction machinery, mining, and more with preventive and predictive lube oil maintenance efforts. We have excellent, qualified teams and a state-of-the-art laboratory to conduct an array of lube oil tests and provide accurate and detailed analysis reports. Our lube oil testing laboratory in India can assist your maintenance team increase MTBF, and NTBF like never before!

So, without further ado, get in touch with our team at Chem-Tech Laboratories, Pune, and schedule Lubricant Monitoring and Analysis Services. We are here to help you with our expertise and years of experience in effective lubricant management.

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