Chem-Tech Laboratories Improving Reliability with Oil Analysis

Across the world, industries are always searching for ways to improve reliability of their plants and machinery. Hence, their Maintenance departments are closely monitoring two parameters – Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) and Advance Notice Before Failure (ANBF). Every maintenance team aims to increase the MTBF and ANBF as both impact the plant’s productivity and efficiency adversely.

Types of Maintenance

The best way to improve MTBF and ANBF is through Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance respectively where the maintenance team aims to identify and eliminate the root cause of such failures. By being one of the leading Oil Analysis Laboratory in the country, Chem-Tech Labs has been supporting multiple industries in their effort to prevent any breakdowns and avoid plant & machinery downtime.

Importance of Oil Analysis

One of the surest ways of improving reliability is by conducting Oil Analysis. Every machine is made up of multiple moving parts. Once installed, the lubricant applied to these moving parts plays an important role of not only reducing the friction and associated wear & tear, but also in improving MTBF and ANBF.

Over time, lubricants either lose their lubricating property or get contaminated thus reducing their efficiency in reducing friction. Such degraded, inadequate or wrong lubricants used in machines lead to increased friction which impacts the machines efficiency adversely. Chem-Tech Labs supports maintenance teams in their preventive and predictive maintenance activity by studying the composition of lubricants extracted from the machines and analysing it in detail.

Why is Oil Analysis necessary?

If not identified and rectified in time, friction can lead to machine breakdown. Ineffective lubrication may lead to increased friction thus increasing wear & tear of machines. Lubricants play a crucial role in lowering friction and reducing the possibility of machine malfunctioning. One of the best ways to know the friction levels is by conducting regular Oil Analysis. Here, lubricants samples are collected on a regular basis from random locations and are sent to Oil Analysis Laboratories like Chem-Tech Labs for further studies.

Similar to a human blood report, an Oil Analysis also details the composition of the lubricants by highlighting the levels of various ingredients and undesirable elements. Basis this information, the maintenance team can identify the root cause of issues in its infancy and eliminate it before it becomes an issue.

Chem-Tech Laboratories has been one of the pioneers in India in the field of Oil Analysis.  We have been conducting Oil Analysis for multiple industries for over 25 years now. We have a long association with clients in industries such as Chemical, Automotive, Marine, Mining, Construction Machinery, Power generation, Manufacturing etc. We have been supporting our clients in their Preventive and Predictive Maintenance efforts.

With our state-of-the-art laboratory and trained team of qualified personnel, Chem-Tech is renowned for its accurate results. Besides Oil Analysis, are also known for other critical services like testing of Fuel, Material and Water which are crucial for investment as well as for smooth function of a plant.

So, the next time you are thinking about improving efficiency and reducing plant downtime, think of Chem-Tech Labs as a trusted ally on your side.


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