Briquette Testing

Chem-Tech® provides advanced test services for Biomass fuels. Biomass fuels are gaining increased public and scientific attention, driven by factors such as oil price spikes, need for increased energy security, and concern over greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.

Biomass fuels, also known as non-conventional or solid fuels, are any materials or substances that can be used as fuels, other than conventional fuels. New technologies and advancements in this field has enabled industries adapt to newer biodegradable and conservative fuels.

Alternate fuels are mainly biodegradable substance with good calorific value and which are more greener and eco-friendly than conventional fossil and petroleum fuels. Alternate fuels include substances which and produce large amount of energy on burning .These fuels produce less harmful emission gases.
Briquette Testing


Chem-Tech® has been actively works with industries to help them in their transition from using convention fossil & petroleum fuels to more ecofriendly biodegradable fuels.

Chem-Tech® tests Biomass fuels to National & International standards & specification to check its quality.

Briquette Testing 1
Briquette Testing 2